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About Us

The Wurtsboro Airport (N82) is a public use airport located in the town of Mamakating, two miles northeast of the village of Wurtsboro in Sullivan County, New York.  The airport is situated at the base of the Shawangunk Ridge in the Hudson Valley at the southern edge of the Catskills Mountains.

Wurtsboro Flight Management LLC maintains the airport property and facilities while also managing a fleet of gliders and airplanes for rides, lessons, tows and rental.  Weather is a very important part of our planning process. To ensure safety and your convenience please feel free to check the local weather or call in before booking your next flight. We will make sure that you soar in the perfect conditions...

Our mission is to provide all customers with a safe, positive experience that will make them openly satisfied, eager to return and pleased with our service.

Additional information for pilots can be found at AirNav.

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Wurtsboro Airport Staff

50 Barone Rd
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