Wurtsboro Airport - Airplane Rides

Airplane Rides

Take a ride with one of our FAA-certified pilots!

Your airplane ride with up to 2 of your friends will be in the Wurtsboro Airport Cessna 172.  

When you arrive your FAA-certified Commercial Pilot will escort and your party to the aircraft.  One of you will be seated in the copilots seat.   Everyone will be issued headsets so communication with the pilot and each other will be easy.  The pilot will brief every one on what to expect, the function of instruments and flight controls and safety.  

After engine start you will taxi out to the runway and do the engine run-up check.  Then onto the runway where full power is applied.  After accelerating down the runway, the magic of flight happens and the wheels leave the ground.  Every seat is a window seat so everyone can enjoy the fabulous view that only flying gives.  

After rising out of the Mamakating Valley along the Shawangunk Ridge, the view will expand to take in the Hudson Valley, the Catskills, and whatever else you can think of.  On an exceptionally clear day you will be able see the Manhattan Skyline.  If you live within 15 miles or so, “as the crow flies”, we can fly over your house, or other landmarks of your choosing.  The pilot will be able to talk to you through the headsets and will be pointing out landmarks and explaining aircraft control.  The person in the copilots seat may even be able to actually control the aircraft at the pilots discretion.  

Upon returning to Wurtsboro Airport you will fly an approach pattern around the airport and land.  These flights are great as a gift and can be an introduction to flight for children.


15 minute flight

A scenic flight over the Mamakating Valley



30 minute flight

A scenic flight Mamakating and Hudson Valleys



Ride prices are total, not per person.  All ages are welcome, but children under 9 should have a parent accompany them in the back seat.

The maximum combined weight for the passengers is 540 lbs. That is an average of 180 lbs each if there are 3 passengers or 270 lbs each if there are 2 passengers.