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Glider Instruction

Wurtsboro Airport has a long history and specializes in glider or sailplane instruction.  The terms glider and sailplane are used interchangeably.  We provide glider instruction for those seeking Federal Aviation Administration Pilots Certificate with a Private, Commercial or Flight Instructor rating.  We also provide instruction for add on glider ratings to those already possessing a Pilots Certificate.

For a new pilot the sequence is flight instruction with our flight instructor until competent to solo.  The amount of pre-solo instruction varies widely with individuals, and their schedules.  When ready to solo the flight instructor gives an in-house written exam and then endorses the pilots logbook for solo.  At that time the new pilot will be able to soar by themselves.  Usually during this time the solo pilot is preparing for and takes the FAA Written Exam.

The required flight experience for a Private Pilot Glider Rating is:

  • 10 hours total time (instruction and solo)

  • 20 instruction flights with an instructor

  • 2 solo hours and 10 solo flights

The final step is the Private Pilot Practical Test for the glider rating.  This is taken with an examiner authorized by the FAA.  To prepare for this test we suggest Bob Wander’s Glider Practical Test Prep Made Easy.  Successful completion of the practical test allows the new pilot to use his new license to take  non-licensed individuals soaring.

Add-on Glider Rating

Individuals holding a pilot certificate are not required to take the FAA’s glider written test.  The text we use for home study for new pilots preparing to take this written exam is the FAA Glider Flying Handbook and the ASA Glider Test Prep.

Pilots with at least 40 hours of flight time are only required to have 3 hours of flight time and 10 solo flights in gliders [FAR 61.109 (f)].

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Glider Instruction (Ground and Air)


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