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Wurtsboro Airport is a full service gliderport, airport, and maintenance facility. We also have community space available for picnics, weddings and other events.

For glider pilots our Schleicher ASK-21s and Schweizer 2-33s are available to rent. We also provide tows to privately owned gliders – bring your ship to Wurtsboro and fly with us!

If own an aircraft and would like to base at Wurtsboro, we have a variety of Hangars and Tie-down options for you to choose from. Please see our Hangar Rental page for more information.

Wurtsboro Airport’s shop performs aircraft maintenance and repair year round. If you need an oil change, annual inspection or something more – we can help. Please visit our Maintenance page for more information.

Are you looking for a unique place to have your next family reunion? How about and exciting afternoon at the airport for your next club or corporate event? We also have a very scenic area for weddings and other private events… please visit our Events page for more information.

Hangar Rental

Hangar Rental

Historic Wurtsboro Airport has hangar space available for most general aviation aircraft and gliders.  We have a mix of community hangar space for assembled gliders and power aircraft, hangars designed to store glider trailers for all seasons with special rates for tie-downs, as well as, traditional t-hangar space and larger aircraft maintenance hangars available. 

New hangars are being built so call to sign up and lock into your space today.  All space rentals are at affordable rates, conveniently located on or near the main taxiway and accessible 24hours a day.  Just miles off of route 17 West, Wurtsboro is the first local airport at the foothills of the beautiful Catskill Mountains.

Picnics, Catered Events, and Camping

Picnics, Catered Events, and Camping

Large group events have always been part of Wurtsboro’s past.  With a picturesque back drop to the Catskill Mountain Ridge and a sky line often dotted with vintage biplanes and gliders, groups and families make Wurtsboro Airport home to summer barbeques, afternoons relaxing under the sun, and picnics shared in between flight.  Stop by, bring a lunch or call us to cater an event for your next corporate meeting, family reunion, or any other large groups and events.  Tents, food, grills, and discounted ride rates are all available for large groups spending a day at the airport.

  • Tent cost and size are based on availability and event needs.

  • Group rates start at 10 people.

  • Airport has wireless internet available for business or for preflight information.

  • Picnic tables and restrooms open to the public daily.

  • Call ahead to schedule events well in advance to make sure your space is available.


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